January 20, 2023 2 min read

Whether it’s effortless and messy beach waves or a snatched pony, there’s a hairstyle trend to match every bride and personality.This is the one day you get to truly elevate your look so don't be afraid to be bold. Let us help inspire you to move away from the usual and try something new and exciting. This year we’re seeing a wide variety of bridal hair trends and we've rounded up our favourite looks.
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The Slicked-Back
For the modern bride with an edge. Nothing says chic more than a sleek, pulled back hairdo. Keep it clean, sexy and interesting while simultaneously showing off your beautiful bone structure and décolletage.
The Perfectly Un-perfect
For the cool-girl bride who wants an effortless look. We understand that not everyone feels their best without their hair down and we definitely want you to feel like your most beautiful self on your wedding day, so if some front money pieces make you feel like a million bucks, then by all means, leave them out. Opt for these relaxed "I-woke-up-like-this" styles. It's beachy and fun while also showing that there was effort and thought put into it.  
The Blowout
Instead of doing the classic "old Hollywood wave," opt for a bouncy blowout. Blowouts have been a staple of hairstyling for many years and nowadays there are many different ways of achieving this look. With a blowout, you can create curly hair, straight hair or subtle waves without any curling or flat iron involved. No matter which style you go for, you’ll achieve a smooth, beautiful look and feel amazing!
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 Don't be afraid to get creative!